When I discovered psychology and coaching, I was already working as an economist in a multinational company. Then I began to discover tools that made me happier and that helped me find greater well-being in my personal and professional life. I realized that I needed to learn all I could about these topics. It was not easy to balance studies, work and family, but I felt it was important for me.

Thanks to my psychology studies, I learned to manage my emotions and I developed skills to handle certain complicated situations that was happening in my work at this time. They were things that happen to all of us, such as stress, anxiety, frustrations, conflictive relationships with others, etc., that they were not work itself, but that directly influenced my work performance and well-being. Of course, I was not only applying what I was learning about psychology in my work but on a personal level too. I started to take care of my personal development and well-being in a much more conscious way. I learned to plan a happier and more sustainable life.

Psychology began to be that friend that can always be trusted for good and for bad. Learning to generate positive thoughts and emotions, identifying and developing strengths and establishing my own strategies to deal with bad times.

Then I also discovered coaching, which applied concepts from psychology and other disciplines to get the best of myself. I was checking how, applying the philosophy of coaching and its methodology and tools, I was able to achieve all the goals that I was wanting to achieve in all areas of my life.

Thanks to psychology and coaching I could break down beliefs that limited me and I was possible to develop my maximum potential and greater well-being. And, best of all, I was able to accompany other people on their way to achieve the best of themselves.

I am a person who loves to know new paradigms. That is why I have multiple interests, since I have been able to verify that the more I learn, the more relationships can be established between areas apparently separate. And above all, the more I know, the more I realize what I still have to learn.

This is a path in which I will never stop learning.

I hope that the resources on this website provide you with greater well-being.

Esther Canales Castellanos

Certified Psychologist and Economist, Expert in PsEC Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Emotional Intelligence. Expert in Brief Psychotherapy.

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Psicología y coaching.

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